Laundry Bag Small

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Small Laundry Bag, an eco-friendly solution for washing your LastObject Products. Made from sustainable materials, it's designed to protect smaller items in the wash, ensuring their longevity while supporting eco-conscious living. Compact and durable, this bag blends practicality with environmental responsibility, making it a must-have for washing your reusable essentials with care.
The Small Laundry Bag is an eco-friendly and sustainable washing bag for your LastObject Products.

3-6 day delivery

We remove 1 kg of coastal
plastic waste
for each order


How To Use

1. Find it

Find your Laundry Bag. Remember to recycle the cardboard packaging.

2. Fill it

Fill your Laundry Bag with LastRounds, LastTissues, or small things you otherwise need to wash

3. Wash it

Throw it in with your laundry and wash as usual


Read our glowing reviews

"Cute, and incredibly sustainable alternatives for the hard-to-replace bathroom essentials."

"A Reusable cotton swab to combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs"

"It’s good for everything from swiping off eyeliner to post-shower ear cleaning"

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

great and useful for storage of tissues


It’s a good size for putting in and washing the last tissues and underwear.

Melanie E.

These just aren't all that they promised to be. They have to be wet to be used as they are like sandpaper otherwise. But if they are wet then my make-up remover doesn't work effectively (even if they are rung out as much as humanly possible). I end up using twice as much makeup remover to get my makeup off which is a waste and also has its own environmental impact. I tried them with just water and my mascara doesn't come off unless I scrub a lot which hurts my skin.

These promised to be the perfect eco friendly solution but unfortunately it's just not turned out that way for me. Really with I hadn't wasted the not insignificant amount of money on them.


Works as intended.

Hannah F.

I love these objects, they really are the way to make our part to preserve the planet


Good size, somewhat prone to opening up mid wash unless I get fancy with the knots


Great laundry bag have no worries of this lasting.

Angela V.

J’aime beaucoup la boîte de silicone. La conception est géniale. Le double fond, lavable, pour les tissus utilisés est bien pensé et efficace. Ma seule déception concerne le manque d’absorption des tissus. Une fibre gaufrée ou encore une flanelle aurait été plus agréable à l’utilisation et absorbante.Je vais confectionner mes propres tissus. Aimerais pouvoir commander la boîte uniquement.