Hand Wash Refill

Created with Hyaluronic Acid and perfect combination of ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and well-nourished.

We remove 1 kg of coastal
plastic waste
for each order


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sara P.

We have not received our LastRound order yet.


They are cardboard-like when dry. They do soften up when damp, but not like regular cotton rounds. They held up well to both hand cleaning and cleaning in the washing machine.

Georgina S.

This is not for me. Not only is it not very effective but it caused irritation on my hands.

Monique M.

Qtips and tissue


They do last — which is the point and they have a nice texture too. Only reason I am not giving you guys more stars is the amount it makeup remover I have to use to clean them. soap & water does not get all BB cream and mascara off the pads. Otherwise, a cool idea that works :)

Jessica H.

I didn’t get the beauty on I got the basic one/ear one. The beauty one might have worked better cause if you have watery ear wax it doesn’t work. The packaging broke (the container that snaps in the qtip. The part that snaps one broke, even tho I was gentle.

Natasha C.

Easy and pleasant to use. Packaging is very small and efficient

Deija M.

These are basically just Swedish dishcloths. And they don't work well for removing nail polish like the product description says they are. The problem is you either have to pre wet them with water, which leads to the acetone being watered down, or soak them with acetone directly, which wastes a ton of acetone. Since they're black, you can't really see where they have been used or not if you have dark polish. Great to disguise stains, not great for seeing which part has been used or not. All in all, these took 3x the time to remove my nail polish and at least 3x the nail polish remover as well.