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Time to stop going with the flow and stop using those ill-fitting, rash-inducing, thigh-sticking, nature-damaging, single-use pads. We designed a pad that actually feels good to wear and doesn’t hurt the planet.

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Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush

Your Period Can Get Messy!

Your period can get messy. Have you ever had the feeling that using a pad is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound?

Most traditional pads are a hassle to wear, don’t absorb enough liquid, and will leave you feeling unsafe and uncomfortable.

Not to mention the classic of finding your pad stuck to your thigh. Yikes!

Introducing LastPad

An ultra soft alternative that is so comfortable it will make you forget you’re even wearing one.

It stays in place, absorbs much more, and is completely free of chemicals and toxins.

So feel safe while you save the environment from hundreds of single-use pads!

LastPad Can’t Make Your Period Pain Free. But It Can Make Nature Pad Free.

One Single-Use Pad Used a Few Hours, Abuses Nature for 500+ Years

19 billion single-use female hygiene products are thrown out each year. Every single one takes about 500 years to decompose. This makes it the 5th most common plastic waste product in the ocean.

They often contain chlorine and pesticides which are damaging to both your health and marine life. Reusing your pad is better for the planet and better for you.

Make Your Period Safe & Sustainable

Most Common Questions

  • How long time can i wear a LastPad?

    As you would a normal pad.

  • How do I wash my LastPads?

    Make sure the velcro is closed, place them in a laundry bag and wash them at cold degrees in the washing mashine. Air dry.

  • Will LastPad create any odor?

    The top layer is made of antibacterial polyester. This material helps reduce any odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

  • What do i do if the Velcro scratches my thighs?

    Be sure to place the vecro precisly above eachother or slightly apart so what sticks out is the soft side of the velcro.

  • What are they made from (and why)?

    The top layer is made of silky-soft, antibacterial polyester. This material helps reduce any odor-causing bacteria and fungi and keeps the integrity of the fabric intact. It is comfortable against the skin and will make sure your skin stays smooth and fresh. The middle layer is a blend of polyester and bamboo. It helps transport moisture away from your skin, and holds the liquid over 2 times better than even the highest absorbing cotton. The bottom layer is made of TPU so that you never again have to worry about any leaks. The material keeps the liquid inside.

  • How are they different from other reusable pads on the market?

    The three layers together make LastPad the safest and most comfortable pad you can find. Easy to have on go with the leak proff pouch and with the silicon strip in the back it won't glide around in your panties.

  • How many pads will I need?

    Depending on your flow, we recommend at least 3 pads a day. If you wash halfway way through your period you only need half the amount of pads.

  • How much fluid can LastPad hold?

    The pads can hold the double amount of its single use equvilant. Small 8ml, Medium 12ml and Large 16ml.


"I don't have to worry about leaks and bad smells anymore!"


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"LastPad is leakproof, super soft and super absorbent!"


Verifyed Buyer


"I no longer worry about leakage issues or being uncomfortable!"


Verifyed Buyer

A Pad That Dreams Are Made Of

Keeps You Dry and Comfortable Reusable and Sustainable Safe for You and Nature

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LastPad was designed with Mother Earth in mind. Billions of feminine hygiene products pollute the oceans, so we created a pad that makes switching to a sustainable period easier.

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