This is the amount of single-use feminine hygiene products thrown out every year. The majority of these will end up as waste in landfills, and a big number will find their way to the ocean. In fact, menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic in the oceans. That is bloody horrific!

Make Your Period Safe & Sustainable

1 conventional menstruation pad takes around 500 years to break down

It’s estimated that around 700,000 panty liners 2.5 mill. tampons 1.4 mill. pads are flushed down the toilet every day

1 pack of menstruation pads contains the same amount of plastic as 4 carrier bags

Having Your Period Can Be a Sh*t Show Let’s Spare Nature From This Mess

Get Your LastPad

Safety Is NOT in Numbers

Created for Nature

LastPad will save the environment from countless single-use pads. When we say countless, we mean at least 240 replaced pads per LastPad.

If you buy our recommended 9-pack, you will have prevented the use of 2880 single-use menstruation pads.

That’s a spectacular improvement!

Designed for You

Apart from being a planet-saving invention that fits inside your panties, it’s also designed to be great for you and to make you feel safe, comfortable, and protected during your monthly flow.

LastPad has a 5-year guarantee. but will last about 10 years with proper care.


"I don't have to worry about leaks and bad smells anymore!"


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"LastPad is leakproof, super soft and super absorbent!"


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"I no longer worry about leakage issues or being uncomfortable!"


Verifyed Buyer

A Pad That Dreams Are Made Of

Keeps You Dry and Comfortable Reusable and Sustainable Safe for You and Nature

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Switching from single-use pads is a small effort, but totally worth it. Learn more about how it works, and why it's a better option for both you and the environment.

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A reusable pad that will make your period a little less shitty. We designed a pad that actually feels good to wear and doesn’t hurt the planet.

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