Laundry Bag Large

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Large Laundry Bag, an eco-friendly solution for washing your LastObject Products. Made from sustainable materials, it's designed to protect smaller items in the wash, ensuring their longevity while supporting eco-conscious living. Compact and durable, this bag blends practicality with environmental responsibility, making it a must-have for washing your reusable essentials with care.
Le Laundry Bag Large est un filet à linge écologique et durable pour vos produits LastObject.

Livraison en 3-6 jours avec La Poste

Pour chaque commande, nous enlevons
1 kg de déchets plastiques des zones côtières


Facile à utiliser

1. Déballer

Sortez votre filet à linge. Pensez à réutiliser l'emballage en carton.

2. Remplir

Remplissez votre filet à linge de LastRounds, LastTissues ou d'autres articles que vous devez laver.

3. Laver

Mettez-le avec votre linge sale, et lavez-le comme d'habitude.

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"Des alternatives charmantes et incroyablement durables pour des accessoires de salle de bain difficiles à remplacer.”

"Un coton-tige réutilisable pour éviter des milliards de cotons-tiges à usage unique."

"Il est bon pour tout, pour enlever l'eyeliner ou pour nettoyer les oreilles après la douche.”

Customer Reviews

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Useful for a wide range of things. Obviously I can just throw my LastRounds and LastPads in here and not worry about them getting lost, but it also fits a bra and at least 2-3 other small items (such as a couples pairs of panties or a pair of mittens).


very good!!

Magnús K.H.



great and useful for storage of tissues


It’s a good size for putting in and washing the last tissues and underwear.

Melanie E.

These just aren't all that they promised to be. They have to be wet to be used as they are like sandpaper otherwise. But if they are wet then my make-up remover doesn't work effectively (even if they are rung out as much as humanly possible). I end up using twice as much makeup remover to get my makeup off which is a waste and also has its own environmental impact. I tried them with just water and my mascara doesn't come off unless I scrub a lot which hurts my skin.

These promised to be the perfect eco friendly solution but unfortunately it's just not turned out that way for me. Really with I hadn't wasted the not insignificant amount of money on them.


Works as intended.

Hannah F.

I love these objects, they really are the way to make our part to preserve the planet