Beauty Kit Ultimate Red

Complete kit with LastSwab, LastRound Original, Pro, large & 7 refills as well as a Laundry Bag.
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The problem with single-use rounds

Why Buy a Beauty Kit?

  • Soft Yet Effective

    Experience the same soothing touch as regular cotton rounds with our LastRounds, enhanced when moistened. Plus, the LastSwab Beauty allows for precise touch-ups, completing your all-round beauty routine.

  • Safeguard Our Forests

    Choosing our Beauty Kit helps preserve forests by reducing demand for disposable cotton rounds, which contribute to deforestation and habitat destruction. It’s beauty care that respects nature.

  • Save Money & Enjoy Versatility

    By using LastRound and LastSwab to their full potential, you could save over 50 USD compared to purchasing single-use beauty products. Plus, with the different versions of LastRound included, our kits cater to all your beauty needs, making them a cost-effective, versatile, and eco-friendly choice.

  • Experience Complete Beauty Care

    The inclusion of LastSwab Beauty in our kits takes your beauty regimen to the next level, ensuring you have all the tools necessary for an effective, eco-conscious routine. With different LastRound versions designed for specific purposes, you can fine-tune your beauty care with our kits.

What's in the Kits?

LastSwab Beauty

Designed for precise touch-ups and beauty applications, this reusable swab is gentle on your skin and easy to clean. It's an eco-friendly alternative to disposable swabs and a crucial part of any beauty routine.

LastRound Original

This reusable alternative to single-use cotton rounds is perfect for applying skincare products or removing makeup. Made from soft and durable material, it's easy to clean and reuse.

LastRound Pro

A professional-grade variant of our reusable cotton round, LastRound Pro is perfect for to remove nail polish.

LastRound Large

This larger version of our reusable cotton round offers more surface area for applying skincare products or removing makeup. Soft and gentle on your skin, it offers a sustainable solution to disposable cotton rounds.

Laundry Bag

Protect your LastRounds during cleaning with this laundry bag. Made from durable material, it's designed to keep your reusable rounds secure while they're being washed, ensuring they're ready for your next beauty session.

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"Cute, and incredibly sustainable alternatives for the hard-to-replace bathroom essentials."

"A Reusable cotton swab to combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs"

"It’s good for everything from swiping off eyeliner to post-shower ear cleaning"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elsa P.

Had these in mind to clean off eye makeup but they are not soft enough. I am using the excellent container for traditional cotton wool rounds / good idea but don’t like the texture of your rounds on delicate skin

Giulia B.

the pads look like pressed fibre. i washed them and hoped they would become more flexible, but rhey remained stiff and for me unusable. I will sew some new one from a nice fabric to use.

Penelope G.

It works ok, but the rounds shrank in the washer (it says cycle up to 60, thats what I did.) They dont fit in the box anymore. Too small, they fall out the bottom.
After first wash the makeup stains dont rinse off as before.
So all in all it does what it says but theres also room for improvement

Roxanne S.

These were a present for my wife in view of the perceived practicality which we applaud. However they are impractical.
She wears hardly any make-up (particularly in Covid-19 times) and simply wetting and squeezing them out has minimal impact after each use. so it is not practical to put each one in the washing machine after each use and goodness knows how heavy make up users get on.
Maybe there is a solution available to get used rounds clean?

Karin H.

After carefully going over the reviews on Last Round, I have some suggestions for Last Object. If I were to create this product myself, there are a few things I would want for sure. Firstly, Better choices with the container colour availability. In most cases I usually settle with typical black or white only because most available colours are not to my liking in general. Lets just say there is a very good reason most vehicles you see driving on the road are mostly white, gray & black. People like having options, that's important. So when it comes to the actual round itself options would be great, such as what material you would like your round composed of. In terms of usage, you have to ask yourself, what exactly are people doing with these rounds. For example, if I want to remove nail polish, I don't think I would want to use the same round later on my skin. I definitely would want a separate container for my face. I know when I use the typical cotton round, I certainly don't saturate with water before applying my product as that is just plain & simple wasteful. You may want to use a round to absorb excess product on your skin, it needs to be dry first. Now in the case you would want to apply a cleansing product, perhaps you would in fact need a wet round prior to application. After using a water saturated round, I certainly would not want to stuff it somewhere air can't get to it so mold can ensue. I visualized a round with a hole in the center, perhaps a flexible silicone stem that can be inserted through the hole for drying purposes, to hang on a hook, carabiner, bungie etc. and air dry. If I'm using multiple rounds at a time, I would like to have the ones I have freshly washed get adequate air to dry, so having a stem with nips along it's length so the hole in the middle would prevent it from touching the next one beside it. I visualized a candy necklace design with raised bumps (nibs)~spacers) in between each round (they must be flexible). You want to be able to pull the rounds over the silicone stem yet have them not touching each other for drying purposes. You of course would need the stem with the nibs (spacers) on it to attach in a loop configuration (for drying purposes), something that is flexible, yet with a secure clasp that holds together well until you choose to put it away after using. I definitely would want my rounds stored in a container that closes completely to protect from dust and debris, the current open design is not optimal in its current design. I can visualize in my head what this could look like. Anyhow take these suggestions and sift it for its gold, I would love to see what you come up with. BTW Dark purple/black is my favourite colour~ wink wink.

Veronica L.

I found these very difficult to get out of the dispense, probably because they are still new, and the fibres are still very firm, but it was offputting. I don't really know how into these I'll be, but I did like the other products from lastobject, so I'll keep trying with these to see if I learn to love them.